Last year, OM Digital Solutions (OMDS) announced it would gradually transition from using the name the Olympus branding it acquired to its own OM System brand it developed. Now, that transition is getting fast tracked, just a week after OMDS announced the first interchangeable lens camera bearing its new OM System name, the OM-5.
A graphic showing how the new branding will look on the OM System M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm F4-5.6 II lens.
In a press release posted to its Japanese website, OMDS announced will be replacing the ‘Olympus’ name on all of its current product lineup with ‘OM System.’ According to the announcement, the change will impact all products in OMDS' lineup, including cameras, lenses, binoculars and accessories. Aside from swapping ‘Olympus’ with ‘OM System,’ the affected products will otherwise remain unchanged, with the original specifications and build quality.

This change comes nearly two years after Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) completed its acquisition of Olympus' camera and imaging portfolio under its then-new OM Digital Solutions subsidiary. Ten months after the acquisition, OMDS announced its new OM System brand, which it implied would serve as the successor to the historic brand formerly known as Olympus.
The Olympus name has been on various cameras, lenses and accessories in some form since the 1930s. While the brand and the products bearing its name has seen various owners over the years under the greater Olympus umbrella, this transition to OM System appears to mark the end of a name that's been stamped on an cameras of all shapes and sizes for almost a century, including the game-changing OM-1 and its popular Olympus Pen lineup.